Recruitment Strategy

Man Power Sourcing

  • Regional Internal recruitment team
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Karnataka
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Telangana

District Employment offices – Job Mela

Reference from existing employees

Recruitment Criteria

Mandatory requirements

  • Should be a Citizen of India
  • Age between 18 to 45 years
  • Good code of conduct / No criminal background
  • Medically & Physically fit

Job Description

  • Job Description will be formulated based on
  • site operational requirements

Background Verification

Antecedent verification will be carried out by our in-house background check team under the supervision of a retired police officer.

Training & Development

Affiliated with the National Skill Development Corporation of India.

Well Qualified and Experienced Trainers

Having Training Facilities at Corporate Office and Branch Offices

Manpower will be deployed after screening and training.

Training Sessions Include

  • Behavioural approach and communication skills.
  • Grooming standards
  • Roles & Responsibilities.
  • Significance of maintaining documentation.
  • Maintenance of records.
  • Does & Don’ts at site
  • Standard operating procedures.
  • Safe usage of HK Machines, tools and tackles.
  • Chemical Dilution.
  • First aid, Fire fighting & Rescue drills.
  • Time Management ( Adherence to schedules)
  • LOTO and Work Permits.
  • Reporting System, Escalation matrix

Functional Approach


  • Getting connected with the client
  • Understanding the client requirement
  • Site Survey & studying the existing processes
  • Submission of service & commercial proposal


  • Contract confirmation by the client
  • Resource planning, recruitment & training
  • Preparation of site specific SOP’s.
  • Finalizing the service agreement


  • Deployment of Transition team
  • Parallel deployment & Induction
  • Taking over from the existing service provider
  • Supervision and coordination by Ops team
  • Close monitoring by the operations team
  • Review of processes
  • Site specific training
  • Feedback & suggestions from client

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional property and facility management company with a wide network.

  • Managing an area of more than 20 million Sq.ft across different portfolios

  • A dedicated resource as SPOC to ensure smooth operations.

  • Visit / Audit of our operations team on a regular basis, and monthly reports will be shared.

  • Availability of back up staff to take care of emergencies.

  • Training Calendar- Yearly training calendar will be shared and quarterly conducted by Training Officer/Manager/Ops. Team.

  • Risk Assessment of Equipment and  its Operations and Recommend measures.

  • Execute seamless transition of property operations

  • Fire & Safety Audit and Recommendation on Improvements.

  • Site specific SOP’s / Checklists will be formulated and implemented post approval of client.

  • Our team will audit the site on a quarterly basis and propose the site improvement plans. The plan would include Power Saving Methods, HK Mechanization Options and Manpower Optimization will add value to you in terms of saving the Operating costs.

  • Co – ordination and Supervision towards Annual Shutdown Maintenance and mobilizing.

  • Liaison with Government agencies.

  • R&R program for employees at every quarter. Standardization of procedures across managed portfolio